Father of the Bride Speeches and Bride Speeches Really Matter

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Fathers of the bride often have sleepless nights before the wedding because they are usually worrying about giving their speeches. Their daughters are worrying about their bride speeches too. Public speaking, you see, terrifies most people.

The father of the bride may be a barrister or a C.E.O well known for his speaking prowess. Yet when it comes to the wedding day it is a different matter entirely. This is a challenge he doesn't have to face in his workaday world. His speeches have to encompass the years of loving that have proceeded the special day. They have to be gracious and welcoming to the guests, complimentary to the groom's family and should express the very special relationship between a father and his daughter. Bride speeches, on the other hand, are about gratitude to their parents and love for their new husband. They will also mention, of course, how wonderful their new in-laws happen to be!

Father of the bride speeches may include a special mention of a childhood incident. They should certainly express their pride in their daughters. The speeches usually mention the bride's mother too and speak of the bride and her mother making the preparations for the wedding together. These speeches often mention that preparing for a wedding is something best left to the womenfolk!

Bride speeches, being a fairly recent happening, are usually short and sincere. Such speeches will quite often make a reference to the bridesmaids or maids of honour. Certainly they will include a mention of special friends who mean a lot to them. They may also often include a thank you for the wonderful gifts received by the couple. Her speeches will also express her gratitude to all those who have made her day special, particularly her parents. Such speeches often include a special welcome to someone who has travelled a long distance to share in the wedding day festivities.

Both types of speeches are integral parts of the wedding day. They give words to the reason people are gathered together. They express loving feelings and both speeches are similar in that they are both welcoming and warm.

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Father of the Bride Speeches and Bride Speeches Really Matter

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This article was published on 2010/03/15
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