How to Deal With a Copy-Cat Bride

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A brides worst nightmare is having a friend, sister, bridesmaid or associate turning in to a Copycat Bride...

A Copycat Bride can be one of your worst wedding nightmares. One minute you are happily bragging about your Grecian dress and Crouquembouche cake and all of a sudden Miss Copycat has decided to order her Grecian dress and has contracted the finest French cuisine caterer around to make a 4 foot tall Crouquembouche.

The key is to not turn in to a Bridezilla and let your copy cat friend turn your dream day in to a nightmare. There are a few steps you can take towards making sure you do not adopt your very own Copycat Bride:

1. Play Your Cards Close To Your Chest

Do not discuss your wedding plans with anyone but no one (well maybe your husband to be or a trusted bridesmaid). If you begin bragging about the custom designed Champagne bottles or nineteenth century love quotes on your place cards, chances are a Copycat Bride is listening in wait, foraging for tips and tricks she is too lazy to seek out herself. This will become more of a problem if she decides that her wedding will conveniently fall before yours, making YOU look like the copycat! So keep your most treasured tips and tricks a secret.

2. When Copied Learn Your Lesson

If you have been copied or if a Copycat Bride is already stepping on your toes, take a deep breath and stay cool. If possible, adjust, tweak or even spruce up your plans so that you can differentiate between hers and yours. Then take note of what I wrote above, play your cards close to your chest or even better, throw in a few red herrings or dud ideas to throw her off the scent.

3. If Your Copycat Bride Becomes A Problem...Talk To Her

The chances are that the majority of these would be wedding destroyers simply need a little more guidance and even those that don't are quite likely to be reasonable. Fellow brides to be will understand the significance of having a wedding that is unique to you and they will not see you as being irrational if you just sit them down and politely ask them to stop copying you. You can even suggest new ideas to her and offer to help.

4. If All Of The Above Fails...Become Ruthless

I am not talking about any serious wedding sabotage here, just simply go over board on the fake and dud ideas for her to pounce on. It is essential that you do not let your Copycat Bride ruin your big day, remember it is your day so you need to take charge!

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How to Deal With a Copy-Cat Bride

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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