Ideas For the Bride's "Something Borrowed"

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We all know the old saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". The "new" part is a snap, because the bride will have plenty of newly purchased things to wear, but what about the "borrowed"? These are some ideas on what you can choose for your "something borrowed" to ensure the best possible luck on your wedding day and for your marriage.

Ideally, the "something borrowed" should come from a happily married woman. The idea behind the old superstition is that you are not only borrowing her belonging, but her good fortune as well. The articles are intended to be worn on the bride's person, so it would not do to borrow a set of toasting glasses or a cake server.

One of the nicest ideas for the "something borrowed" is jewelry. Many people will combine two of the things from the old rhyme, so if you want to borrow something that is also blue, for instance, that would work out beautifully. Bridal jewelry sets are frequently loaned by the sister of the bride. If your sister's wedding jewelry suite happens to be created from a combination of white pearls with blue Swarovski crystal accents, so much the better. Sometimes brides prefer not to wear the exact same sets of bridal jewelry as a close friend or relative, so you could always think about borrowing just a necklace and putting your own personal stamp on it with a unique pair of earrings.

Veils are one of the most popular items for a bride to borrow. Chances are that you have plenty of people who could loan you a veil, from recently married friends to your mother or grandmother. Antique veils are a gorgeous accent for modern wedding gowns, even if they do not match perfectly. It is often entirely possible to make changes to a borrowed veil to help it coordinate better with your gown (assuming that the original bride does not mind, of course). Long veils can be shortened (by having a seamstress cut off the top, then re-gather the tulle and attach to a new comb), single layer veils can have a blusher or a tier added, and embellishments can be added. A plain tulle veil can be completely transformed with the addition of a scattering of twinkling crystals or by stitching on a ribbon or lace trim border.

Working with the idea that the bride should wear the borrowed item, it is often considered to be good enough for her to carry it down the aisle, even if it is not an article of clothing. To this end, you can ask around for sentimental things that can be incorporated into your bouquet. Your grandmother's beautiful lace hankie could be wrapped around the handle of your bouquet. Another idea is to add a fun detail tucked within the flowers, such as a butterfly or bird brooch borrowed from your mother. The florist can wire it to peek out from the blossoms, which would be a lovely whimsical touch.

Something else that you could borrow to carry would be a small family Bible or prayer book. Although most brides these days carry floral bouquets, tradition has always held that a white Bible is a suitable alternative to carry down the aisle. Decorate the Bible with a small spray of white flowers, and you will have both your "something old" and your "something borrowed" taken care of at the same time.

Finding ways to get "your something old, something blue, something borrowed, and something blue" is a fun part of planning a wedding. It is a neat old custom that almost every bride still decides to follow. After all, who couldn't use a little extra happiness and good luck?

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Ideas For the Bride's "Something Borrowed"

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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