Understanding Today's Bride

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In the past, brides were often young, usually in their early twenties. The wedding was a celebration of a girl becoming a woman and joining with a man. The bride's parents paid for the wedding as a gift to help launch a new, life independent from her parents.

Recently the Wall Street Journal reported a pretty significant drop in the number of young people, aged 25-34 getting married. Instead, women and men are generally more educated than they have been in the past. Once out of school, both women and men are focusing on careers and travel and are enjoying their independence.

It is much more common for people to get married later in life. As such, today's bride is often older, more confident and sure of what she wants. Today's bride is often a professional woman with a career and savings of her own. The brides of today are savvier than in years past and are more likely to pay for their own weddings.

Because of advances in social media, today's bride is often more connected. This means today's bride can reach out to other brides for information on wedding venues, florists, DJs and more. In this time it is increasingly important those providing wedding services to provide solid, reliable products that deliver.

For the first time in history the number of people who have never been married in the age range of 25-35 outweighs the number of those who have. There are several factors that may play into this.

The first is independence. After college or university, many students go on to get graduate degrees or take time to travel. In essence, they are seeking independence and are taking time to find out whom they really are. The second reason is debt. This is usually a bigger factor for men than women, but men generally prefer to wait for marriage until they are financially stable.

Women's independence allows them to pursue a career. Many may feel that getting married equals having children, which can put an end to or delay career goals. Because of fertilization treatments, women are able to have babies at a much later stage in life than was previously available and many women may feel a sense of freedom because of this and are in no rush to settle down.

Today's bride is often passionate about life, has explored the places she's wanted to see and had independent experiences. She is now ready to share her life with a man. She has more access to information than at any previous era. She may often come equipped with exact designs of what she wants and how much she wants to spend for wedding services so be ready for today's bride!

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Understanding Today's Bride

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This article was published on 2010/10/16
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